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In last few weeks we had good experience of paying through Apple pay in our physical stores, in Singapore.  Obvious question that comes in to the minds of developers and ecommerce app owners is whether they can use the Apple Pay technology in their ecommerce mobile app development in Singapore.  The encouraging fact is that it is possible and we strongly recommend, to use the Apple Pay for your e-commerce apps.

Apple pay user experience in mobile app:

From the user experience point of view, Apple-pay is another option for payment users get, while checking out. Authentication is through the finger prints – the same way as users use at physical shops.

Read more details on user experience from Apple’s support pages:https://support.apple.com/en-sg/HT201239

Apple Pay to your existing e-commerce mobile app:

Enhancement effort to add apple pay to your existing e-commerce mobile app should be minimal.  You will need to publish a new version of your app in the Appstore.  And note that only latest models of Apple devices are supporting Apple Pay.  iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus, iPAD Air 2 and iPAD Mini 3 are the models that can support Apple pay now.  That shouldn’t be a holding factor for you, the potential benefits of Apple Pay justifies in investing in enhancing your app to support Apple pay now. The ease of use for the end-users Apple Pay brings in is huge

New e-commerce mobile app with Apple pay payment option:

If you are still at planning phase of your ecommerce mobile app, this is the right time to bring in the Apple Pay into it.  Apple Pay is not supported in all counties yet, but it is a question of time only.

Apple Pay vs In-App purchase:

Apple pay is for the use of physical goods and services.  These transactions do not go through the in-app payments mechanisms. Apple is NOT directly responsible for the Apple Pay transactions, while Apple directly takes care of the money transactions in the case of in-app purchases.  As such, Apple will not deduct any money from you (either consumer or the merchant) for the Apple Pay transactions.

Apple Pay implementation details for mobile app developers:

Apple Pay uses PassKit framework for the implementation (in-app purchase uses StoreKit frame work).  Apple’s developer web site has tremendous amount of resources to help developers in the implementation process: https://developer.apple.com/apple-pay/

Another useful tutorial for developers: https://www.raywenderlich.com/87300/apple-pay-tutorial

At Zoliotech we developed apps apps using Apple Pay for an e-Commerce payment.  It was a cool experience.  The ease of use Apple Pay brings in is amazing !

Please contact us here  if you would like to explore similar enhancement for your existing app or an app you have plan in your mind to be materialised soon.

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